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Circle Take Podcast

Daniel A. Cardenas

Circle Take Podcast
39 min2019 AUG 22
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Today’s guest is Matt Ployhar. He’s a veteran of the video game industry. He’s been a Senior Program Manager and worked on numerous product launches and initiatives for software, web, games & game platforms. He’s led or been a major team player in shipping: 6 award-winning gaming devices, Over 41 video games, 3 major iterations of the DirectX Graphics API along with launching 2 operating systems. Today we talk about video games and specifically how video games have evolved from PC to set-top and now to Chromebooks. Here’s my chat with Matt Ployhar, I hope you enjoy it.

Circle Take Podcast transcript (unedited)

SPEAKER: M1Welcome to circle take the show that digs into the strategy and implementation of video and digital marketing. Today’s guest is Matt. Ploy ha. He’s been a senior program manager and has worked on numerous product launches and initiatives for software web games and game platforms. Today we talk about video games and specifically how video games have evolved from P.C. to set top. And now to Chrome books. Here’s my chat with Matt ploy ha. I hope you enjoy it.SPEAKER: M5So you have a fair amount of experience in the game do industry tell me a little bit about your history in it. A I started off in in the games industry back in the late 90s in the Sidewinder group and that was all gaming devices it was.SPEAKER: M23d pro joysticks and force feedback wheels and joysticks. A lot of what we’re looking at optimizing mice and keyboards to give a better response time for gaming purposes. I. Did that and basically for four I want to say roughly three years. And then moved into actually Microsoft Game Studios was ended up being a lead program manager there on a test and tools team. So we had all the games coming through our lab if you will test and get all the bugs and we would. Get in contact with all the harbour vendors the OEMs to get things.SPEAKER: M4I got sent on an assignment for it was a Microsoft vendor at the time and I think it was right about the same time gas powered games he had. Chris Taylor OK so they set me on an excursion from here to Houston to Cardiff California Carlsbad from there went What are you thinking of Everquest. Yeah Everquest OK.SPEAKER: M5Yeah. I didn’t know what it was really but I went there as a great developers it was pretty cool yeah. Went to Maryland or Annapolis and interviewed another guy who did a historic game there.SPEAKER: M4And then did went to England and interviewed. And these are all P.C. based games right. Not the console games and that was at one time the P.C. based games were. A lot had a lot more horsepower I guess because you’re using the home computer versus a console game right. Yeah I in a sense it’s.SPEAKER: M2To me a console as a P.C. it’s just more like centric. It’s more focused on doing gaming typically so it’s more of a you know a P.C. is more of a Swiss Army knife you can do everything on it whereas a console does one or two things really really well and that since changed since the time of like Everquest I know you go you’re going for your PlayStation one to P.S. to day as an axe bot the first iteration of the axe but right stuff. But yeah I mean you’re you’re DFA right. I mean they’re they’ve evolved and I think that’s a very key and important thing about pieces is that they’re always evolving and always changing. You know back in the late 90s they used to be these big massive towers these still can have that. But that this laptop in front of me is more powerful than those right.SPEAKER: M4You know it was my impression of it was that hardcore gamers are the ones who played on the P.C. and at the time there probably wasn’t was the. P.S. 2 and consoles weren’t as powerful. So anyone who is really serious about gaming and maybe it is lik...