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GetCovers.io The Podcast

Tony Marciante

GetCovers.io The Podcast
34 min2020 AUG 22
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We are stoked to release this to the world in celebration and support of the amazing Restaurant Industry! Chase Bucker & Chef Tony Marciante bring you weekly "what's up" in the world of restaurants & hospitality seasoned with some advice on digital marketing, a touch of social media and a ton of advice in bringing your business up to 2020. We are empathetic to the 2020 Pandemic and what it's doing to the world. In this episode we talk about Yelp News, Italian Wine Windows...and Robotic Burger Flippers? Tune in and find out more.. and we WANT to connect with you and help bring more and more of your topics to awareness....be great and thanks for your listen! Chase & Chef T