Productive Insights Podcast — Actionable Business Growth Ideas — with Ash Roy

Ash Roy

Productive Insights Podcast — Actionable Business Growth Ideas — with Ash Roy
50 MIN2016 MAY 27
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How To Use 'Crowd Thinking' To Launch Your Membership Site

Our guest today is a physical education teacher from country Victoria Australia, with a passion and enthusiasm for the role emerging technologies play within teaching and learning. We featured him as an expert back in episode 79 where we talked about how to use “crowd thinking” to launch your membership site. It’s been such a popular episode and I enjoyed talking to him so much I had to have him back. Today's guest is known throughout the online community as “The PE Geek”, and authors a blog of the same name at www.thepegeek.com. Jarrod Robinson designed, developed and marketed over 60 mobile apps for Android and iOS downloaded over 500,000 times.

He also has a very successful recurring income business which offers information products.


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Key Points (Timestamps)

00:50 - Introduction and Overview

06:36 - Jarrod Robinson shares insights around how to build a prolific recurring business.

04:43 - Your Effective Hourly Rate: The metric for deciding whether to do something or don’t do something

06:56 - How the “Effective Hourly Rate” concept helped Jarrod Robinson decide which products to focus on