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Social Cut has always been about collaboration and supporting our community in any way we can. This week we got a question about mental health, and as none of us are mental health experts, we brought one in! This is a special extended episode with Peter Doyle, a counselling and coaching psychologist. He is the founder of Guidelight psychology, and shares some great tips on how we can take of ourselves as individuals and within the workplace.

This is our first Zoom podcast recording, the sound isn’t as crisp as usual and we’ll be continuing to improve the quality as we navigate a different way of doing things in between our usual (responsibly distanced) recordings.

This week’s question is:

This whole pandemic thing is really affecting my productivity. I find myself endlessly scrolling on my phone, and everyone on socials is somehow living their best life? Even the friends I have who have unfortunately lost their jobs seem to be feeling okay, and not like everything is a huge effort. How can I take better care of myself, but also use this to build my brand on social media seeing as I sort of have the time?