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45 MIN2017 NOV 18
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This episode I interview Tolly MosLEE, Co-host of the ILYSM Podcast + Todd Nevins, Host of Go Hunt Life Podcast, and Jamal, founder of Big Mouf Media about why podcasts are a big part of the future of consumption, what makes a good podcast, and how to start one.

We cover storytelling branding, listener engagement, hoisting, equipment, and promotion.

If you’d like to learn more about how to start a podcast, check out thefireshow.com/how-to-start-a-podcast

Tolly is the co-host of the ILYSM Podcast, an Austin and culture focused podcast under Austin 360’s umbrella. She is also a co-owner of an aerial dance company, as well as a freelance writer.

On the Go Hunt Life podcast, Todd explores stories of people that were once living normal lives with normal jobs but pulled the ripcord to reinvent and live a life of purpose and passion breaking world records, traveling the globe and building startups from anywhere.

He’s also the Founder of CLICK Placement, an agency dedicated to working with startups and businesses designing and optimizing their paid search marketing campaigns on Google and Amazon. He also has a course on Udemy about podcasting, Podcasting: Zero to Launch on Apple Podcasts in 30 Days, if you’re interested in learning about editing, which I don’t cover in detail on my post on thefireshow.com

Jamal is Founder and CEO of Bigmuff, a platform that engages subscribers with content about business, economics, and current events by using insightful soundbites and content created by podcasters and other AV media outlets.