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The Professor Nick Podcast

Nick Norris

The Professor Nick Podcast
22 min2019 NOV 7
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In this episode, Professor Nick Norris is joined by Justin Womack, Host of the Marketing Geeks Podcast, Owner of JMack Media, and Founder of Coaching Biz Mastery. Justin is a LinkedIn guru, a professional speaker, and a master networker. 

Nick and Justin talk about all things related to content marketing, especially from the perspective of social media. Hosting a podcast on Anchor.fm and/or managing a blog can add credibility to a brand and establish authority by showcasing expertise on a subject matter or business niche.

Justin Womack can be found in a variety of places online...

Podcast: https://marketinggeekspodcast.com/ or https://anchor.fm/marketing-geeks

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinwomack1/

Website: https://jmackmedia.com/

And as always, you can find Professor Nick Norris online, too...

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/theprofessornickpodcast

Instagram: @nickinventura

Website: https://www.idmnd.com/