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The Professor Nick Podcast

Nick Norris

The Professor Nick Podcast
27 min2019 NOV 16
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In this episode, Professor Nick Norris is joined by Jeanne Tanner, a friend and colleague, to discuss the rise of social media. During their conversation, Nick and Jeanne talk about the differences between traditional media and social media, how social media empowers small businesses, the participative role that consumers play in modern business, market segmentation, niche communities, and circumventing the traditional gatekeeper model in publishing.

Jeanne Tanner can be found in a couple of places online:

Website: https://www.jeannetanner.com/

Instagram: @jeanne_tanner

And as always, you can find Professor Nick Norris online, too...

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/theprofessornickpodcast

Instagram: @nickinventura

Website: https://www.idmnd.com/