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The Rachel Kurzyp Show

Rachel Kurzyp

The Rachel Kurzyp Show
12 min2020 DEC 9
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Are some marketing tactics unethical? I think we can all agree that bro marketing strategies like creating fake urgency and the manifest money mindset are unethical. I believe things become greyer when we look at specific marketing tactics on their own. That’s why today on the show, I’m looking at 4 specific marketing tactics that have been criticised this year: Charm pricing, Countdown timers, Bonuses and Post-it note walls. If you’ve been wondering what they are, how they are used, and what you need to consider before implementing them in your business, then this episode is for you. Resources and Links: Website: rachelkurzyp.com.au Instagram: @rachel_kurzyp Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/creativefreedommethod/ FREE GUIDE – The Complete Road Map for a Successful and Stress-free Launch: rachelkurzyp.com.au/successfulsales Episode 2: https://share.transistor.fm/s/d1ce1bf8