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The Rachel Kurzyp Show

Rachel Kurzyp

The Rachel Kurzyp Show
11 min2020 NOV 18
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Have you ever wondered how I create content for my business? I'm a copywriter and a marketing coach which means a love a good stepped-out process. That's why today, I'm sharing my 7-step content creation process. I'll be answering all the content, writing and editing questions you've asked me over the last few months like how I come up with content ideas, write headlines, remove redundant copy and use subheadings. You can implement the same writing process in your business saving you time, energy, and creativity that can be used for other important business activities. Resources and Links: Website: rachelkurzyp.com.au Instagram: @rachel_kurzyp FREE GUIDE - 7 Types of Content to Convert Followers into Clients: rachelkurzyp.com.au/7contenttypes