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The Small Biz Marketing Podcast

Zoe Langenberg

The Small Biz Marketing Podcast
25 min2019 SEP 26
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Are you doubting your creative ability? We’ve all had those moments! I’m here to let you know that you do have the capacity to improve upon your creativity skills.
Sometimes factors like stress, tiredness, burnout or negativity can get in the way of us being our best creative selves. There are also things you can do during those tough times to boost your creativity.
Some of these include:
Mind mapping
Asking your customers (or anyone really) questions and pay attention to what they have to say
Don’t seek information from too many sources – stick to 2-3 for any particular topic
Learn something new that is outside of what you do in your business
Move to a new space/new surroundings
Create a list of things you would do if you had no limits
Be alone
Look at what people are doing outside of your industry
Take some (well deserved!) time off
This episode was inspired by an article I recently read:
Article: This Is Why You Don’t Think You’re Creative by Stephanie Vozza
The article talks about how being creative is messy and unstructured. The best way to go about creativity is to let your brain just do its thing and it’s important to explore your relationship with creativity.
“We all have the capacity to be creative, and we can all improve those skills.”
– Rahaf Harfoush
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