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The Small Biz Marketing Podcast

Zoe Langenberg

The Small Biz Marketing Podcast
15 min2019 OCT 24
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Have you thought about your social media in 2020 and beyond?  Try these three things and your feed will buzz.
During the podcast, we will talk about goal setting, using video and photoshoots.  
Set some new social media goals for 2020
Start using video NOW (including IG stories and IGTV)
Invest in a brand photoshoot
Sign up for our 7-day FREE COURSE to kickstart your social media in 2020. You can sign up by visiting besocialmedia.com.au/plan2020 . 
Our Free Course will be delivered via email straight into your inbox once you have signed up.  It is that simple.
Start with the basics around social media, delve into branding, learn how to prepare a content calendar and get stuck into videos and Instagram Stories.  This is just a taster of what the course will include. 
I’ll let you in on a secret... there may be bonus lessons included from some of our favourite experts :)
By the way, if you haven’t already heard, we’ve turned 1 this month and we’re giving away a huge prize!
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