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Your Next Chapter - Business & Life Beyond 40

Angela Raspass

Your Next Chapter - Business & Life Beyond 40
41 minAPR 22
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“You’re an active creator”, Angela Philp tells us. “You can take the circumstances facing you and shape them for yourself”. Self-Leadership is the key – what’s the seemingly impossible you want to make possible?

A dynamo of energy, fierce focus and commitment, Angela has found her passion and focus in life – “I believe that women need to make have 50% of the decision making capacity in this world”. To further that vison, Angela supports and challenges high achieving women with similarly big visions to take action on their dreams.

She is remarkable. And our conversation will energise and inspire you into your own new possible.

Show Notes

  • Remember who you are – not the conditioned self, not the should and rights and wrongs
  • There is always an inkling of an idea inside of you – be still and search for it
  • I’ve found my soapbox – gender equality and equal leadership – what’s yours?
  • Women are not a niche!
  • I tempered my voice in the past – “Maybe I might not be liked” quietened me. Not anymore. The cost of keeping quiet is too high.
  • Use your mistakes as springboards
  • I cannot separate my work from who I am – each fuels the other
  • When we’re focused on what we might lose from taking action, we miss what we may gain
  • Follow your joy
  • When you’re on a growth edge when you’re heart led, that’s when fear shows up. And that’s when you can choose to can meet it with courage.
  • Say YES to your gifts and put them at the centre of your life and work. Your life’s work.
  • Take a stand for something I your life that’s bigger than you, that you’d like to defend. Imagine, if I lived my life standing for that, how would my life be different?
  • To change one’s life is a decision