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Brain Health with Dr. Nissen

Dr. Nissen

Brain Health with Dr. Nissen
34 minJUL 27
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This episode of @newmomboss is all about empathy. We discuss his definition of empathy, the importance it has in the stability of our kids, the effects it has on mental health, and some practical ways to practice this within our homes.  Kallista Andersen is the founder of New Mom Boss. She helps moms-to-be get prepared for their baby, during pregnancy and beyond. She coaches and educates women on how to get ready for new motherhood, guiding them on what to do next and when to do it, as well as preparing them for their new self and relationships.  She is a mom of three, a registered nurse, and a certified lactation counselor, and she has combined her experience and professional background to support new moms.  

Kallista is launching New Mom Prep School in September 2020. It is a 5-week online course, along with group coaching, that guides women in preparing themselves, their home, and career for the new mom life. If you’d like more information on that, you can visit her website, http://www.newmomboss.com.   

Brain Health with Dr. Nissen brings you advancements in medicine, neuroscience, psychiatry, and nutrition to help you live a better life. Dr. Nissen’s expert interviews reveal new, evidence-based approaches to enhancing mental health, sharpening cognition, and optimizing performance. With topics such as optogenetics, Alzheimer’s disease, neuromodulation, depression, the Mediterranean Diet, and psychedelics, this show is sure to expose listeners to new topics on the frontiers of medicine and neuroscience. Join our community at http://www.drnissen.com/    

Dr. Nissen is a medical doctor (MD) and TEAM-CBT Therapist. This show is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only and does not substitute personalized medical advice. Please speak with your doctor before attempting any medical or major diet and lifestyle changes.