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Brain Health with Dr. Nissen

Dr. Nissen

Brain Health with Dr. Nissen
44 minMAY 11
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Dr. Lief Fenno, MD, PhD received his Bachelor's degree in neurobiology from Harvard, where he worked at the intersection of human embryonic stem cells and Parkinson's disease. Afterward, he continued this endeavor at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute in Boston before joining the Stanford Neuroscience program as an MD/PhD student. He's currently working with the effort to engineer opsin function and delivery and investigating social behavior in the Deisseroth Lab at Stanford. He is a fourth-year psychiatry resident in the Research Track at Stanford.

Brain Health with Dr. Nissen brings you advancements in medicine, neuroscience, psychiatry, and nutrition to help you live a better life. Dr. Nissen’s expert interviews reveal new, evidence-based approaches to enhancing mental health, sharpening cognition, and optimizing performance. With topics such as optogenetics, Alzheimer’s disease, neuromodulation, depression, the Mediterranean Diet, and psychedelics, this show is sure to expose listeners to new topics on the frontiers of medicine and neuroscience. Join our community at www.DrNissen.com