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Waldo Engelbrecht

Morethandentistry's podcast
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Never have I even thought that I would be afforded the opportunity to have a conversation with such a prominent figure in South Africa’s Economics. Dawie Roodt is someone that is level headed, a strong critic of how the country is run. He definitely calls a spade a spade, and in Afrikaans we say “Hy draai nie doekies om nie.” It is refreshing though to listen to people to speak there minds, mindfully. A true trait of a leader, we can surely have, and be more of that.

Dawie is a multifaceted individual, from flying paramotors, have a passionate heart for children and being an amateur Ichtyologist (Go look it up, hint Richard Dreyfuss was one in an iconic movie.)

He is also an anchor presenter on Ontbytsake on Kyknet. He regularly writes interesting articles such as the one we referenced on the show on Maroela media

Dawie is the director and chief economist at the his company the Efficient group. Please contact them through their website if they can help you with some decision around your financial portfolio.  

I hope you find this insightful.

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