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Morethandentistry's podcast

Waldo Engelbrecht

Morethandentistry's podcast
53 minMAY 16
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How do you know someone does Crossfit? He tells you. Well this was just a blast talking to David Hippensteel. David is not only an owner of 2 private dental practices and still practicing but has also been a 3 time Crossfit Games champion in 2016, 2017 and 2018 in the 60+ division. Yes people 60+, looking at these athletes always amazes me, the feats of power, strength and endurance will let you inspire you. 

We talk about what the benefits are by staying active. What is Crossfit? Can anyone do Crossfit? We also talk about why dentists need to stay active, to try and negate some of the negative effects of our working posture. Dentists that retire early because of musculo-skeletal problems. Staying fit and healthy will boost your immune response especially in the current state that we are in. We voice our concerns about how oral health is being pushed to the side in this time and the repercussions this will have on the population.

You can check him out on instagram @davehipp

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SteadyMD.com and KleanAthlete.com