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Morethandentistry's podcast

Waldo Engelbrecht

Morethandentistry's podcast
84 minJUL 27
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We have had a little break, but will be back with some wide ranging conversations and different topics that will help you as a dentist and a person. This is what is all about More than Dentistry.

Today’s episode is a banger. Evert had some friends over, as you listen you can always imagine sitting with them at the fire listening to the wave rolling in the background and having a good laugh.

University education is heading primarily into the virtual sphere, and has been sped up with the current Covid pandemic. Looking on the bright side it will make education more accessible and affordable hopefully. A vital element will be lost if physical Universities are relegated to the past. The most important reason I would like my kids to get a Tertiary education at a physical University, and not an online course would be the physical interaction and connection you make with your peers. This remains some of the most robust friendships that stand the test of time. The BBC as they call themselves are a testament to that. Evert, Dwayne, Shayne, Phil, Bernard and Handre are some of the friends that formed this bond as they attended Wilgenhof rez in there first year at the University of Stellenbosch.

The bunch of them are highly successful and super smart. If you are a young dentist starting out, listen to the conversation. You will pick up a few words of wisdom that will definitely help you in making some good decisions. 

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