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Morethandentistry's podcast

Waldo Engelbrecht

Morethandentistry's podcast
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The special. Upon looking for a catchy title , in the realm of specialist, specialize I decided to go with just The special- Jonathan du Toit. Well if you have some kids, played some lego, and watched the first Lego Movie, you will know exactly what I am getting at. For those that have not, Spoiler Alert!! Emmet the main character was chosen as the Special, the Hero against Lord Business. In more ways than one Jonathan du Toit is as humble as Emmet,someone who thinks he is just ordinary but in actual fact he is a master builder in Dentistry. He is probably best known for all the work he contributed to in partial extraction therapy, but this is just the tip of the iceberg in a career that is just taking off. He also just an awesome person with a good sense of humor and specialist. Jonathan recently finished his specialist training at the University of Pretoria, he shares his journey which surely is an interesting one. Growing up, getting into Uni, and hunting for the top spot as registrar in a specialty field. He tells it as it is. I applaud him for his honesty and bravery and I hope it gives perspective for us who finds ourselves on the outside looking in with the question. Do I, as a dentist need to go and specialize to become better at my craft? I leave that as the cliffhanger so you can hear it directly from Jonathan himself. Thanks for just being an all-round lekker guy to chat and bounce ideas off. I look forward to watching Jonathan making big waves in Dentistry, and pushing all of us to demand better of ourselves for the important people, our patients. ( PS. I still think the double decker couch is amazing)