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The Ketogenic Benefit

Walter Prentice

The Ketogenic Benefit
31 MIN2018 JUL 1
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Cholesterol - a mere bystander and good Samaritan - has been wrongly accused of a crime. It is our job to prove him innocent because, after all, he is innocent. It is time to bring the true offender to trial and see how the evidence stacks up. Cholesterol is not the root problem anymore than a bad grade is the root problem of a failing student. Rather, it is the result of having a deep issue. It is the effects of that deep issue that we see and love to blame. Unfortunately, we have used that reasoning for too long, and it has cost millions of people their health. Cholesterol is there to help soothe your problems, but it gets caught up in other problematic process because of things like oxidation and inflammation. Those are the real issues at hand that we should tackle.

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Resource mentioned in the show:

Atherosclerosis and the Cholesterol Theory: A Reappraisal