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The Ketogenic Benefit

Walter Prentice

The Ketogenic Benefit
24 MIN2018 JUL 15
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Having a hard time sticking with the diet? Use these tips, foods, and tools to help you along in your journey. It is so important to follow the diet, but unfortunately, that doesn't make it easy to follow. Having certain tools in your back pocket can help you stick with the diet.


Have a clean, open, and uncluttered kitchen.
Make your grocery list throughout the week.
Never go shopping when you're hungry


Almond flour for keto bread.
Keto fat bombs for satisfying your sweet tooth.
Cauliflower as a utility food for many substitutes like rice and macaroni.


Food processor to blend food or make things like cauliflower rice.
Spiralizer for creating zucchini noodles.
Slow cooker or pressure cooker to have food ready when you come home.

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