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Moving Inward

Kayla Robertson

Moving Inward
48 min2019 NOV 6
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Clare Bowditch is an ARIA-award winning singer, actress and storyteller, who has touched hundreds of thousands of lives with her heart-stirring work.Clare is as beloved as she is successful because she embodies a way of being in the world that is both bold and brave, and beautifully vulnerable.And it's this vulnerability that is one of her most treasured gifts. It's evident within her songs, and now it's laid bare in her new book, Your Own Kind of Girl, which details her struggles with her very loud, very destructive inner critic, who has threatened to keep her life very, very small.This conversation is for anybody who has an inner critic of their own, who has times where they struggle to believe in themselves, who sometimes has dark days, and yet despite all this knows deep deep down that they are worthy and capable of having an amazing life.Our conversation covers:- Clare's playful way of working with her inner critic, called Frank- What happens with complex grief and the creative life- Her breakdown (dubbed a "break through" by her psychologist) and recovery- The practical, brilliant and surprising resources that have supported her to live her own amazing life todayEnjoy!