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Moving Inward

Kayla Robertson

Moving Inward
42 min2019 DEC 17
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There is power in people and places that hold us when we are at our most vulnerable.Gabrielle Nancarrow is a birth and pregnancy loss doula, circle holder and the founder of Gather, an inclusive space for women and non-binary people to come together and witness one another's journeys. It's a special place.As you'll hear in this conversation, Gabrielle came to this work from a sense of deep inner knowing that the culture and expectations that she was encountering while pregnant were not serving her, and it inspired a shift in her life and career to retrain as a doula to help women and to hold safe spaces.This episode centres around about the power of growing quiet to listen to the deep well of wisdom within, of community care and of allowing ourselves to be held by others - particularly when we're at our most vulnerable.It's a heartfelt, warm and tender conversation.If you'd like to explore Gather's offerings, head to the website at: https://www.gatherwomenspace.com/ or at Instagram at @gatherwomenspaceAnd another note here that this episode deals with themes of pregnancy loss and miscarriage, and that this may be challenging for some people to listen to. If you do find this, and want somebody to talk to, you can call Sands at any time. They offer confidential, non-judgemental, compassionate phone support to anybody experiencing grief from the loss of a pregnancy or baby. Their Australian number is 1300 072 637.If you'd like to reach out at any point, you can contact me over at instagram at @moving.inward or at hello@movinginward.com.Enjoy X