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Moving Inward

Kayla Robertson

Moving Inward
62 min2019 DEC 4
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Tara Judelle is an internationally renowned yoga teacher and the co-creator of Embodied Flow, a school of transformational yoga that weaves together hatha yoga, somatics, movement meditations, tantric philosophy, and transpersonal psychology. It elicits the experience of stepping into flow as meditation in action.I have admired Tara's beautiful work through Embodied Flow for many years, so I was delighted to sit with her for this conversation. It surpassed even my wildest expectations.We explore: • Embodied movement - how we experience our essential selves through the body-mind • Flow states - what they are and how we can step into them • Tara's life path and how she moved from filmmaking in Hollywood to co-creating Embodied Flow • The language and instruction of the body • Stepping into resistance as a doorway to the practiceIf you'd like to practice with Tara, she generously recorded a meditation to accompany this episode. You can also find her over at Embodied Flow, TaraJudelle.com and Glo.com.