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Stop Child Abuse Now


Stop Child Abuse Now
91 minSEP 19
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Tonight's special guest is Birgitte Tan from Los Angeles, California, who for more than 15 years has helped people successfully navigate the murky waters of heartache, health recovery, and grief to reimagine and reinvent lives filled to the brim with joy, happiness, wellbeing, and grace. "I help people start over," she says. "Grounded in my motto 'move your body, heal your grief,' I founded the 'Dance Away Sadness: Move Beyond Your Grief' program which uses proven and powerful tools, strategies, and techniques for not just managing grief – but overcoming it." Birgitte Tan’s newest book: 'Seeking Peace: The Proven 5-Fingers Method to THRIVE Through Change Effortlessly. "I’ve had more than my fair share of grief and I’ve experienced it with my clients too, so I learned to master and apply the art of transforming grief into timeless treasures of joyful living. As a certified Grief Recovery Specialist I am fully qualified and capable to help those who are still traversing the dark valley of their lives move through and beyond their grief. When your goal is to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE. To heal in the wake of trauma not just at a surface level, but on a cellular level. When you want to wake up in joyous anticipation of each day instead of blanketed in grief or pain. That’s where I come in. Specializing in work with spousal loss and cancer patients, I help people start over. Move from grief to joyful healing. Help them move from debilitating pain to empowered purpose. Help them replace fear with forgiveness."