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Unapologetically KK

Kanchan Kulkarni

Unapologetically KK
16 MIN2019 OCT 18
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What does it mean to be unapologetic.  The dictionary definition is "someone who is unwilling to make or express an apology".  To me its a lot more than that.  Being unapologetic conveys a sense of strength and freedom to be whoever you choose to be and not apologize for it just because you do not conform to a standard.  How can an individual by its very nature of being one, conform? What are we conforming to anyway and why?  Why are people who forge new paths subjected to ridicule and punished for it?  Even in this day and age we are still fighting for our right to be able to express ourselves freely.  There are so many different reason for being unapologetic but the one that matters the most is : How can you apologize for being yourself.  Stay strong and unapologetic always!