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Unapologetically KK

Kanchan Kulkarni

Unapologetically KK
17 MIN2019 DEC 1
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What does being late mean?  Can we crush our dreams just because we didn't have them at the time we were supposed to?  Do we need to be stuck in places we do not want to be in, or do things that give us no joy, just because we feel it's too late to change?  Is our life worth giving up over these imaginary rules and boundaries?  My search to find the right answer lead me to paths I have always known exist.  We have all we need inside of us to make the changes, we need to make in our lives.  Never settle for less than you deserve and never quit trying to live the best version of your life.  What else is there to live for?  Hello and welcome to my podcast - Unapologetically KK!