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Self Released Songs

David Garrick

Self Released Songs
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Pure artistry is difficult to come by in today's music landscape. When you find it, hold on to it because you may never find it again. That's what composer, trumpeter, producer, educator and hip hop artist Jawwaad Taylor is-Pure Art. From his work to the legendary hip hop group The Shape of Broad Minds to his playing with the forward sounding jazz group The Young Mothers, Taylor makes art on a level that's far beyond that of his contemporaries while still staying ahead of the curve. His production is fire, his rhymes are sick without being too egregious and his trumpet playing is bar none some of the best you'll hear in this lifetime.  A global touring artist, Taylor has never released music that wasn't on a completely different level while still having his toes in the water of today's music scenes. Jawaad.com


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