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Asian Pop Nation Podcast
32 min2020 NOV 20
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This year hasn’t been the best of years, especially for international students. We had the pleasure of chatting with Belle Lim, who is the current President of CISA (Council of International Students Australia) to talk about the difficulties and support given to international students studying in Australia.

On top of chatting with Belle Lim, we spoke with both an international and local student to discuss their varied experiences with studying in Australia. For this purpose, we spoke to two students from a Filipino background, Kimberly an international student, and Xenia a local student (and fellow APN co-host). The point of this conversation was to shed light onto the similarities and differences international and local students face while studying in Australia and to remove any preconceived ideas current Australians have about international students.

You can find more about CISA on Twitter and Instagram with the handle @CISA_National. You can also find them on Facebook and through their website: https://cisa.edu.au/.

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Credits to Xenia Sanut for the amazing edits.

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