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Deep House Archives Podcast - Deep House Blog

Theo Zanos

Deep House Archives Podcast - Deep House Blog
--2013 DEC 17
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Greetings, As we approach the holiday season, our offering is an homage to a city that shaped modern electronic music (and music in general) like no other, Detroit. 2013 might have been the year that "deep house" came into limelight but DHA will deviate from the abundance of modern takes on our favorite genre. This mix is meant to serve as a reminder of all the things that made us love deep house. Including a handful of classics, as well as some new releases from interesting new artists, Parallel Movement is better heard loud and in the dark. Special thanks go to Kevin Bauman for providing the photo art of the mix. Don't forget that you can also join the deep house archives mailing list to receive alerts about updates. Also, if you enjoy the mixes and happen to be a resident advisor member, why don't you check out Theo's RA page and support the dj by adding him to your favorites. Here's the tracklisting for the mix moodymann - amerika (side b) - kdj soundstream - just around (gil’s pregnant 7up edit) - soundsampler andres - new for u - la vida norma jean bell - nobody - peacefrog records motor city drum ensemble - send a prayer pt.2 - mcde medlar - terrell - wolf music chez n trent - morning factory - prescription glenn astro and imyrmind - kdim - odd socks max graef - ignorance is bliss - heist pepe bradock - last - podis ctepeo ‘57 - mono 66 - tartelet records echonomist feat. g-tech - keys to life (kyodai remix) - dessous recordings mr. tophat and art alfie - king Hassan (shutted blinds 3:pm) - junk yard connections dense and pika - colt - hotflush recordings iz and diz - mouth (brad peep’s remix for friends) - classic carl craig presents paperclip people - the climax (re-worked) - open Enjoy! (stream) - (download) - (cue file)(front cover jpeg) - (back cover jpeg)