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63 min2017 JAN 14
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I test my own dislike of retrograde obsession by curating music entirely around the idea, while also enjoying the irony of using “Nostalgia” as the theme to my second ever show.

Welcome to Deercast. I’m @hurtdeer

Happy new year everyone. Here’s a collection of music from friends and finds that evoke a sensation of the past on some level, be it thoughtful lyrical content, decade-stranded waves of synth pads, or our best friend in these times, the midi slap bass. I’ve also got some more super sexy exclusive tunes to play you, as well as ancient tunes friends of mine put together back years ago, that I still fondly wanted to remember and share with you.

Now slam that play button, let’s go!!!! Oh we’re also on itunes and by extension every other podcast app or service you can imagine. Except google play, because google play thinks podcasts don’t exist in england. Dumb. Anyway!! The play button!! Slam it!!!

oh yeah! and if you want to give music for me (give me that music), I’m contactable on twitter (@deer_cast), facebook (deercast) and email, deercastmusic@gmail.com

Slam! That!! Play!! Button!!

1. diss1 - First as Tragedy - https://diss1.bandcamp.com/releases
2. suffer like g did - Bring Me The First Aid Kit - https://sufferlikegdid.bandcamp.com/album/orange-ep
3. BEe PUKe - fly around havibng a good time - https://soundcloud.com/bee-puke
4. Zonae - Mourning - https://soundcloud.com/zonaemusic
5. Mansion Worlds - Lost in the Strings - https://mansionworlds.bandcamp.com/releases
6. Baconhead - Platoon (feat. Empuls) - https://bizarrerituals.bandcamp.com/album/cabin-fever
7. Macka - 80srgasm - unreleased - https://soundcloud.com/macka
8. Detrivore - Nostalgia - unreleased - https://soundcloud.com/detrivore
9. Kursa - A Home - currently unlisted - https://kursa.bandcamp.com
10. Seppa - Heywaddup - upcoming SLUGWIFE - https://www.facebook.com/SLUGWIFE/
11. apostrophe S - Blues Trouble - https://apostrophes2.bandcamp.com/album/recoup-with-interest
12. Chinwag - Colonel Mustard - https://chinwagband.bandcamp.com/album/all-the-different-whites
13. Idiron - Turbo Kisu - http://www.swishco.co.uk/idiron-soundtrack/turbokisu
14. Perturbator - Sexualizer - Hotline Miami 2 - http://store.steampowered.com/app/355890/
15. Spice Girls - Wannabe (emma x it boy remix) - https://soundcloud.com/emmaisprettycool/wannabeeee
16. Hurtdeer - Pop Clump - https://hurtdeer.bandcamp.com/album/everything-makes-me-sick-everything-is-awesome

Background Music during conversation are various ambient bits of music i, Hurtdeer, made

1. Weaponized Soul (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency) - “You can’t fix everything”
2. The Day Today - Pool Supervisor
3. An Entire History of You - Black Mirror