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63 min2017 MAR 4
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I touch upon that hot and very populist new thing going on right now to give you the theme of Politic’s Baby! Yea !! But don’t worry, I don’t actually discuss it.

Welcome to Deercast. I’m @hurtdeer

Today’s music comes with lyrical anger at the state of things, dystopian-themed track titles, and a general lack of hopefulness until right at the very end. No actual discussion on my part, and if you’d rather have that, I’d suggest going to check out a much better, or worse, podcast than mine. I’ve got an exclusive from my dudes at Path of Infliction, some old classic loves from back in the day, and some really exciting new stuff by some upcoming dudes who make the good, imo, music.

follow me on twitter at @deer_cast, like me on face book, like me in real life, it is nice to be liked. Or don't, up to you.
If you'd like to send me music (and I would love you to, no matter what it is), contact me at one of the above stations or at deercastmusic@gmail.com. cheers. Thanks. Thank you


1. Chee - Fear Monger - https://saturaterecords.bandcamp.com/album/chee-fear-monger-strtlp009
2. Youngblood Brass Band - Bone Refinery - http://shop.layered.org/Youngblood-Brass-Band-Is-That-A-Riot-1CD016A.htm
3. wAgAwAgA - Pheminex - https://wagawaga.bandcamp.com/album/jinjanoon-bus
4. Tom Waits - God’s Away on Business - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blood-Money-Tom-Waits/dp/B00005YX3K
5. 1-Speed Bike - This Country is Torture - https://soundcloud.com/bad-panda-records/1-speed-bike-this-country-is
6. Path of Infliction - EverythingIsFucked - https://www.facebook.com/pathofinfliction
7. Alon Mor & Vorso - Your Black Morning - https://soundcloud.com/upscale-recordings/alon-mor-vorso-your-black-morning
8. Yeahhbuzz - Sideman - https://soundcloud.com/yeahhbuzz/sets/peanuts-sideman
9. 1-Speed Bike - There’s an Oil Tanker Named Condoleeza Rice - gone :’(
10. Slamophiliac - Insignificancy of Objective Ideals - https://slamophiliac.bandcamp.com/album/perihelion
11. Wolf Eyes - Rationed Riot - https://wolf-eyes.bandcamp.com/album/human-animal
12. A Silver Mt. Zion - Hang On To Each Other - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Horses-Sky-Silver-Mt-Zion/dp/B0007W221G

Background music is old, unfinished, unreleased music by me, Hurtdeer

1. Time Trumpet, Episode 5: Iraq War, “The Mad Clattering of Rooks”
2. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, boss fight “President Steven Armstrong”
3. The Thick of It, Series 4, Episode 1, “Peter Mannion and the Digital Education Initiative”