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Electronic Underground Radio

Trevor Zink

Electronic Underground Radio
119 MIN2013 JUL 21
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Electronic Underground episode 004

1) Lana Del Ray - Young and beautiful (InnerSync remix) [unsigned]

2) Lethyx - ID [unsigned] *World Premiere*

3) Ruta feat. Three Faces - City Of Love (InnerSync remix) [unsigned]

4) Avicii - Fade into Darkness (SirensCeol remix) [unsigned]

5) Lakes - Drops of Life (Original Mix) [Linger Records]

Trance Classic

6) Dream Traveler - Time (Original Mix) [Dream Music]

7) Attractive Deep Sound - Loneliness (Original Mix) [Melancholy Records]

8) Nkata - Your Life [unsigned]

9) Mike Simon - The Future (Original Mix) [unsigned]

10) MitiS - Life Of Sin Pt.2 [unsigned]

11) David Weigand - Heart of the Night - Original Mix [unsigned]

12) ATB - 9pm (Stereojackers Vs Loverush Remode) [unsigned]

Trance Classic

13) The Quest - C Sharp [Redemption]

14) Evolution Music - Turn Off The Lights [unsigned]

15) Starcom - Cat's Eye Nebula (Original Mix) [unsigned]

Artist Spotlight: Justin Prasad

16) Justin Prasad - The Odyssey [unsigned] *World Premiere*

17) Justin Prasad - Serenity [unsigned] *World Premiere*

18) Dr. Eargasm - Set Me Free (Feat. Brittany Ramaglia) [unsigned]

Downtempo Selection

19) Stephen Swartz - Bullet Train Ft. Joni Fatora [unsigned]

20) Adeline - Under The Moon (Thugfucker feat. Greg Paulus Remix) [Culprit]