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Emily Smith, BTRtoday

Emily Smith, BTRtoday

Emily Smith, BTRtoday
33 minAUG 29
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"Allegra Krieger takes the stop spot in this week's BTR Top 10! Her new album, The Joys of Forgetting, is available now from Northern Spy Records. Plus, debuting on the countdown this week are Animal Scream and Fontaines DC.

Here's the full list:

ALLEGRA KRIEGER,  The Joys Of Forgetting (Northern Spy Records
COURTNEY MARIE ANDREWS, Old Flowers (Fat Possum)
LIZA ANNE, Bad Vacation (Arts & Crafts)
DEHD, Flower Of Devotion (Fire Talk)
MARIYA MAY, Strictly A Cappella (Ten Dollar Recording Co.)
ANIMAL SCREAM, Nightwalk (American Hermitage)
FONTAINES DC, A Hero's Death (Partisan)
HELVETIA, This Devastating Map (Joyful Noise)
NYALLAH, Reflections [EP] (Self-Released)
JORDANA, Something To Say [EP] (Grand Jury)

00:00 - Emily (Indoor S'mores by RJD2)
00:54 - Far Away From You - Jordana
03:35 - black fantasy dream - Nyallah
08:51 - How Does it Feel? - Helvetia
09:58 - A Lucid Dream - Fontaines D.C.
13:47 - Let Me In - Animal Scream
16:44 - Emily
17:40 - Carry Me Off - Mariya May
20:20 - Nobody - Dehd
23:03 - Bummer Days - Liza Anne
25:38 - It Must Be Someone Else's Fault - Courtney Marie Andrews
28:37 - DJ Emily
30:06 - Welcome - Allegra Krieger
33:32 - Finish