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For The Record

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For The Record
61 minJUL 2
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In an effort to support as many Australian and Sydney artists as our platform allows during this time, we’re introducing a new series in which we take a deep dive into some of our favourite local independent labels. Telling the stories of their history, breaking down essential releases, hearing from key players and more. The series continues with Rice Is Nice, hearing as label head Julia Wilson breaks down the importance of having pride in local independent artists and labels plus what ties together their unique roster, from Donny Benet to DEN to Rebel Yell and more. TRACKS PLAYED: Rebel Yell - 'Toxic' Rebel Yell - 'Anti Club Music' Rebel Yell - 'Stains (feat. Gussy)' Donny Benet - 'All For You' Donny Benet - 'Sophisticated Lover' DEN - 'Poltergeist' DEN - 'Inertia' Angie - 'Blood on My Eyes' Angie - 'A Ring' Straight Arrows - 'Petrified' Straight Arrows - 'Out and Down'.