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For The Record

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For The Record
63 minMAY 25
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Dinosaur City Records, Spunk!, Osbourne Again, Hotel Motel, Blossom Rot and Inertia Music team up to share a collection of music born and bred in isolation. With a mixed bag across the indie music spectrum, Stay Inside showcases the breadth of established and upcoming indie musicians from Australia, right now. TRACKS PLAYED: Dianas - 'Million Dollar Baby' Popfilter - 'Romance at the Petrol Station' Dannika - 'Hurricane' Focus Group - 'New Job' Chakra Efendi - 'I'm Alone (When U Call)' Emma Russack - 'When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine Cover)' Navy Games - 'Locked In' Snowy Band - 'Taste of It' Cody Munro Moore - 'Misty Mountain' Annie Hamilton - 'Indifference' Dom Roff - 'Old Boys' Bored Shorts - 'As Long As I Float' Wytchings - 'Earth Angels' e4444e - 'Yellow Words' Elmo Aoyama - 'Summertime'.