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For The Record

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For The Record
59 minJUL 2
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Stripping away the avant-garde pandemonium of their earlier work, the form Yves Tumor takes on throughout their fourth record, Heaven to a Tortured Mind, is the most accessible incarnation of their persona yet, revealing a mercurial genius who buries brilliant pop songs beneath ever-increasing sonic tumults. With boundless creative imagination, Tumor channels blues, funk and R&B into psychedelic soul and rock anthems for the chaos of the 21st century. Swaying and raging, it’s the sound of pop history refracted through a contemporary mindset, earning comparisons to Bowie, Parliament or Funkadelic at their most revolutionary and whacked-out, pushing rock music to apocalyptic extremes. In a career marked by transformation, their fourth LP is their most audacious release yet, a strident move to the middle that never sounds like a compromise. TRACKS PLAYED: 'Gospel For A New Century' 'Medicine Burn' 'Identity Trade' 'Kerosene!' 'Hasdallen Lights' 'Romanticist' 'Dream Palette' 'Super Stars' 'Folie Imposée' 'Strawberry Privilege' 'Asteroid Blues' 'A Greater Love'.