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For The Record

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For The Record
60 minAUG 3
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The album that almost never was. Sydney rapper Ziggy Ramo originally recorded Black Thoughts five years, only for it to shelved out of fear for what its release would do to his career. Flash forward to 2020 and in the wake of the next wave of the global Black Lives Matter movement, birthed from the murder of George Floyd in the United States, Ramo impromptu released what is now an uncompromising debut. On Black Thoughts, Ziggy Ramo shares the hard truths of Australia's black history, and how the "issue" of racism in fact, hasn't changed five years later. TRACKS PLAYED: 'The Beginning of the End' 'Black Face' 'Interlude: Survival Day' 'White Lies' 'Black Thoughts' 'April 25th' 'Stand For Something' 'Interlude: Freedom Rides' 'Secondary' 'Empire' 'Fire' 'Pressure' 'Good Things' 'Interlude: Black Fella' 'Kids' 'Final Thoughts'.