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Gone Mental


Gone Mental
--2020 AUG 30
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Another 2+ hours of the good stuff with red hot rocknroll from Big Boys, D.O.A., The Weirdos, Bishops Green, The Gonads, Surfin' Wombatz, Batmobile, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, The Redskins, and more. Git it. Dwarves | The Dwarves Must Die | Fefu(Sympathy For The Record Industry)2005 Big Boys | The Fat Elvis | Were Not In It To Lose(Touch And Go)1993 Bad Brains | I Against I | I Against I(SST Records)1986 The Showcase Showdown | Pemanent Stains | Tonight, Tonight(Damaged Goods)1999 Reagan Youth | A Collection of Pop Classics | Reagan Youth(New Red Archives)1994 Dayglo Abortions | Holy Shiite | Let's Get Drunk(Unrest Records)2007 D.O.A. | Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors | Wish I Was In El Salvador(Alternative Tentacles)1995 D.I. | Horse Bites Dog Cries | Johnny's Got A Problem(Reject Records)1987 Agent Orange | Living In Darkness | Bloodstains(Posh Boy)1980 Dead Boys | Young, Loud, And Snotty | Sonic Reducer(Sire)1977 Angry Samoans | The Unboxed Set | My Old Man's A Fatso(Triple X Records)1995 The Weirdos | We Got The Neutron Bomb: Weird World Volume 2 | We Got The Neutron Bomb(Frontier Records)2003 The Undertones | The Undertones | Girls Don't Like It(Sire)1979 Newtown Neurotics | The Punk Collection | The Mess(Captain Oi!)2001 Bishops Green | Bishops Green | The Crow(Pirates Press Records)2013 Lion's Law | A Day Will Come | Lafayette(Contra Records)2013 Major Accident | Clockwork Heroes | Man On The Wall(Captain Oi!)1994 Grade 2 | Mainstream View | Forever(Contra Records)2016 The Krays | Sangre | Vida Profunda(GPS Prod)2010 The Old Firm Casuals | Holger Danske | Casual Rock-N-Roll(Pirates Press Records)2019 The Skinflicks | Lies, Damned Lies And Skinhead Stories | What I Am(Blind Beggar Records)2000 Hard Skin | Hard Nuts & Hard Cunts | ACAC(Helen Of Oi!)1996 The Gonads | Live Free, Die Free | Frankenskin(Empty Records)2009 Toy Dolls | Episode XIII | She's A Worky Ticket(Randale Records)2019 Peter & The Test Tube Babies | That Shallot | Say What You Want(Punk Empire)2017 Anti-Heros | American Pie | Rock And Roll Fantasy(Taang! Records)1997 Stage Frite | Scarier Than Swans | Sunrise(Western Star Recording)2017 Numbskulls | Back Fae The Deid | The Hunger(Diablo Records)2017 Surfin' Wombatz | More Macabre Monstrosities | You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover(Western Star Recording)2018 Henry & The Bleeders | Toeing The Line | Let It Slide(Western Star Recording)2013 The Hillmans | Kings of the Weald Frontier | Swamp Devil(Western Star Recordings)2015 The Mutilators | Hot Rod Whore! | No Cure(Self Release)2003 The Rusty Robots | Sweethearts, Kisses, Bloody Knives | Sweethearts, Kisses, Bloody Knives(Killjoy Records)2018 As Diabatz | 1st Degree Crazy Psychos | Bat Attack(Drunkabilly Records)2012 The Trillionairs | 10.16 | Girls Girls Girls(Self Release)2017 Batmobile | Batmobile Is Dynamite | Rollin' Dynamite(Count Orlok Music)1990 The Nevrotix | New Worlds | Voodoo Blues(Crazy Love Records)2019 Godless Wicked Creeps | Smile | Bad Brains(Crazy Love Records)2001 Ronnie Self | Bop-A-Lena | This Must Be the Place(Bear Family Records)1990 Screamin' Jay Hawkins | Cow Fingers And Mosquito Pie | Frenzy(Epic)1991 Marcel Bontempi | Witches, Spiders, Frogs, & Holes LP | Bull Frog(STAG-O-LEE)2015 Southern Culture On The Skids | White Trash | I'm Branded(Demolition Derby)1994 Link Wray | Rumble! The Best Of Link Wray | Hang On(Rhino Records)1993 The Raymen | Sinister Funtime | Barroom Burnout(Hound Gawd! Records)2013 The Redskins | Neither Washington Nor Moscow... | Kick Over The Statues(Decca)1986