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Gone Mental


Gone Mental
--2020 OCT 11
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Back again with another 2+ hours of the greatest rocknroll on earth. Absolute greatness from The Spits, Amyl & The Sniffers, Blitz, Mad Sin, The Tremors, Old 97's, Filthy Still, and more Git it. The Cramps | A Date With Elvis | How Far Can Too Far Go?(Big Beat Records)1986 The Spits | The Spits (2009)Schools Out(Thriftstore Records)2009 Archie & The Bunkers | Songs From The Lodge | 122 Hours Of Fear(Dirty Water Records)2018 The Darts | I Like You But Not Like That | My Way(Alternative Tentacles)2019 L'Assassins | Kil Kill Kill! Bang Bang Bang! | Want You(Big Action Records)2014 The Monsters | Pop Up Yours! | Whatcha Gonna Do(Voodoo Rhythm)2011 The Chats | High Risk Behaviour | Drink And Disorderly(Cooking Vinyl Australia)2020 The Pushers | Turning Blue | Tube Sock Love(Disaster Records)2000 The Cavemen | Born To Hate | I'd Kill (To See You Dead)(Dirty Water Records)2016 Amyl & The Sniffers | Amyl & The Sniffers | Got You(Rough Trade)2019 Social Distortion | Mommy's Little Monster | Mommy's Little Monster(13th Floor Records)1983 D.I. | Ancient Artifacts | O.C. Life(Reject Records)1985 Circle Jerks | Golden Shower Of Hits | High Price On Our Heads(LAX Records)1983 Oxymoron | Feed The Breed | Here We Go...(Knock Out Records)2002 Major Accident | A Clockwork Legion | Twisted Mind(Flicknife Records)1984 Blitz | Voice Of A Generation | Voice Of A Generation(Anagram Records)2008 Bishops Green | A Chance To Change | Government Lies(Pirates Press Records)2015 The Subversives | Protest And Dance Anthems For The Lost Generation | Ain't Got Nothin'(Step-1 Music)2002 Ponx Attax | Pogo Split | Street Punks - In The Street(Joe Pogo Records)2010 Mad Sin | Unbreakable | Hallucinate(Century Media Records)2020 The Matadors | Horrorbilly 9000 | Black Widow(Stereo Dynamite Recordings)2006 The Tremors | Old Fashioned Hillbilly Feud | Cabin Fever(Brain Drain Records)2014 Memphis Morticians | 1,000,000 Delinquents | Spook Factor(Space Hearse Records)2009 The Meteors | Wreckin' Crew | Wreckin' Crew(I.D. Records)1983 As Diabatz | Riding Through The Devil's Hill | I Don't Worry About It(Drunkabilly Records)2009 The Quakes | Planet Obscure | This Night(Orrexx Records)2012 The Caravans | Less Smoke More Powder | Dinosaurs Will Die(Self Release)2004 The Raygun Cowboys | The Cowboy Code | Robocop(Stomp Records)2017 The Peacocks | Made In Japan | Come With Us(TV-FREAK Records)2001 Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats | Train To Paradise | Dynamite(Self Release)2013 The Epileptic Hillbillys | Tales From The Underworld | Secrets(Crazy Love Records)2011 Mad Sin | Burn & Rise | The March Of The Deviants(People Like You)2010 Doyley & The Twanglords | Twang Wars Return... | Lost In Space(Diablo Records)2019 Hi-Dramatic | Thrift | Giant Squid(Eargear Records)2001 Spike | Glory Or Death | Glory Or Death(On The Hill Records)2003 Starlite Wranglers | Devil's Wheels | Rumble(Crazy Love Records)2004 Hi-Strung Ramblers | I'm A Rambler | You Don't Love Me(Wild Records)2010 Deke Dickerson | My Name Is Deke | Hot Rodder's Lament(Hightone Records)2004 Southern Culture On The Skids | For Lovers Only | Biscuit Eater(Safe House)1992 Old 97's | Graveyard Whistling | Jesus Loves You(ATO Records)2017 Scott H. Biram | Nothin' But Blood | Gotta Get to Heaven(Bloodshot Records)2014 The Dad Horse Experience | Eating Meatballs On A Blood Stained Mattress In A Huggy Bear Motel | Will I Be Someone(Sacred Flu Productions)2016 Filthy Still | The Last Six Feet | Another Bottle(Farmageddon Records)2012