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Gone Mental


Gone Mental
--2020 NOV 8
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Brand new music this week from The Rusty Robots and War On Women! This and more of the greatest blowing your doors off from The's, New Bomb Turks, The Darts, Voodoo Zombie, Demented Are Go, The Crucifucks, T.S.O.L., and more! Git it. Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper | Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper | I'm in Love with Your Girlfriend(Enigma Records)1985 The Ghastly Ones | A-Haunting We Will Go-Go | Haulin' Hearse(Telstar Records)1998 The's | Bomb The Rocks - Early Days Singles | Pinball Party(Time Bomb Records)2003 The Pleasure Fuckers | Fuckdelux | Chica Alborotada(Sympathy For The Record Industry)1998 The Devil Dogs | 30 Sizzling Slabs | Get Out(Crypt Records)1992 Nashville Pussy | Let Them Eat Pussy | You're Goin' Down(Amphetamine Reptile Records)1997 Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys | Delivered From Evil | Storming The Gates(Self Release)2009 The Hex Dispensers | Hex Dispensers | Tentacles!(Alien Snatch! Records)2007 Turbo A.C.'s | Winner Take All | Mean Mistreater(Cacophone Records)1998 New Bomb Turks | Scared Straight | Jukebox Lean(Epitaph)1996 The Orphans | Raise The Youth | The Government Stole My Germs Cd(Fistolo Records)2004 The Showcase Showdown | Pemanent Stains | Another Emergency(Damaged Goods)1999 The Murderers | The Murderers And The Jerkoffs Split CD | Rock N' Roll Hate(Beer City Records)1999 Big Boys | The Fat Elvis | Same Old Blues(Touch And Go)1993 The Devils | Sin, You Sinners | Azazel(Voodoo Rhythm Records)2016 The Monsters | Youth Against Nature | High Heels And Mini Skirt(Voodoo Rhythm)2003 The Darts | The Darts Lp | I Wanna Get You Off(Dirty Water Records)2018 The Sting-Rays | On Self Destruct | You're Gonna Miss Me(Big Beat Records)1983 Tall Boys | Funtime | Ride This Torpedo(Big Beat Records)1998 The Rusty Robots | Into The Abyss With... | Mary Perkins(Razmataz Records)2020 The Humanoids | The Humanoids | What the Hell(Self Release)2012 The Frogs | Witch! | Witch!(Razmataz Records)2012 The Trillionairs | 10.16 | Zombie Women(Self Release)2017 Batmobile | Brand New Blisters | Apeface(Butler Records)2017 The Epileptic Hillbillys | Atomic - It's The Bomb ! | They Came From Another World(Western Star Records)2016 Screaming Kids | Don't Get Down | Stop Shakin' Them(Nervous Records)1990 The Matadors | Sweet Revenge | Drunk And Drivin'(Stumble Records)2013 Voodoo Zombie | Reviresco | Un Mejor Cadillac(Batcave Records)2018 The Rocketz | Rise Of The Undead | Rise Of The Undead(Psychobilly US)2005 Rezurex | Beyond The Grave | Suicide(FiendForce Records)2006 Bang Bang Bazooka | Hell Yeah!!! | Werewolf On The Prowl(Crazy Love Records)2007 Surf Rats | Trouble | Lost In The Desert(Lost Moment Records)1988 Phantom Rockers | Kissed By A Werewolf | Horror Rock(Tombstone Records)1990 Demented Are Go | Hellucifenation | I Wanna Be Your Slave(Crazy Love Records)1999 Sir Psyko And His Monsters | Reapers Tale | Fucker(Crazy Love Records)2010 The Meteors | Doing The Lord's Work | My Life For Thee(People Like You)2012 Memphis Morticians | Play Primitive Trashman and 13 Other Lovesongs | Donner Party Boogie(Kaiser Records)2006 The Crucifucks | The Crucifucks | Hinkley Had a Vision(Alternative Tentacles)1984 Crass | Yes Sir, I Will | Yes Sir, I Will(Crass Records)1983 Total Massacre | The System Works... | Antifascist(Self Release)2019 Mass Arrest | Power | Black Identity Extremist(Iron Lung Records)2019 War On Women | Wonderful Hell | White Lies(Bridge Nine Records)2020 Naked Aggression | Naked Aggression: Recordings 1991-1994 | Right Now(Broken Rekids)1998 T.S.O.L. | Dance With Me | Code Blue(Frontier Records)1981