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Luvcast | Luv Shack Records

Luv Shack Records

Luvcast | Luv Shack Records
63 MIN2018 JUN 28
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The Polish DJ Ola Teks may not be very well known to music lovers outside of Poland and Germany, but to those that have been following the electronic music scene in Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin and even Moscow, the talented vinyl enthusiast has become a key figure with her Move Mózg Parties. With high class bookings such as Soundstream, Konstantin Sibold, Session Victim or FJAAK, Ola has put her very own stamp on Polands electronic music landscape. With appearances at Plötzlich am Meer and Berlins Machine Vibes Festivals, Ola Teks also earned her spurs on international turf. For our LUVCAST Series, Ola Teks delivers a raw, eclectic disco mix that hovers between Jazz-Funk obscurities, euro-classics and dusty italo magic. Worn out vinyl FTW!https://soundcloud.com/olaszyma-skahttps://www.facebook.com/movemovecollective