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Maia, BTRtoday

Maia, BTRtoday

Maia, BTRtoday
--JUN 3
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"Hi. On today's show, Maia catches up with BTR's own J McVay about demonstrations in Austin, what post COVID movie-going may look like, being a New Yorker away from New York in 2020, and moving his songwriter's series online, among other things. We also listen to new tracks from Deerhoof, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, and more.

00:00 - Mutual Core
03:09 - The Loved One - Deerhoof
05:47 - Conversation with J McVay
14:30 - Phenom - Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
17:08 - Conversation with J McVay
34:58 - Moth - Cassowary
38:29 - Conversation with J McVay
56:30 - Outro
57:14 - Life Is Hard - The Good Ones
60:53 - Finish