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MOST Records

1 min2018 APR 13
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LISTEN TO FULL TRACK: http://bit.ly/2GcaCJ7

Somewhere in the vein of the heavily impactful Polish post punk and cold wave groups of 80s, the band Niemoc bring forths the two-tracker Mikrofale (eng. microwaves). The young trio hails from Zielona Góra, on the country's western border, and is already much-loved for their own blend of shoegaze and dancefloor-oriented disco-not-disco. And while their nod to the past is noticeable, their ears are very much attuned to the present, eyes firmly set on the future.

Mikrofale had so far been a digital-only release on Brennnessel, will finally be available on vinyl – as a special collabo release with MOST Records, and augmented with a pair of special MOST Versions by the label associates Eltron and Hatti Vatti. The former's 'Dysko-Miks' of Trynidad, Tobago is a straight-to-the-floor affair with a hefty drum break and trippy arpeggios. On Wyspy Chłodne the label enlisted both artists for a long-due studio collaboration, their joint effort resulting in an exceptional dubby hybrid.