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Nerdy Nonsense: Remixed

Jordan Mynes & David Sobel

Nerdy Nonsense: Remixed
--2016 MAY 2
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Jordan was pretty late to this show due to accidental napping post-alarm. David starts the show and runs it solo until Jordan wakes back up. Jordan comes in feeling refreshed by the surprisingly warm weather. This is another Sonic-heavy week. Still, of course, it wouldn't be Nerdy Nonsense: Remixed without your weekly dose of technical difficulties, so expect that. Did you know that Weasel Stomping Day is nearly 10 years old? Listen for: Capcom Sound Team, Julien-K, Amphibious, YTCracker, Lemon Demon, MC Lars, Crush 40, Optimus Rhyme, Ishe, Dr. Awkward, Weird Al Yankovic, and more!