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136 min2020 APR 17
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Hello ladies and germs! Back once again with the ill behaviour, it's DJ Euth and his bag of tunes released in the last couple weeks! I usually enforce some arbitrary rules on myself for Euth Radio, but this week I mixed all the tracks I wanted, as slow as they demanded, so get loose and dig into an expanded edition of Euth Radio.

Hedonics - Who Are They?
Sébastien Tellier - Domestic Tasks
Imre Kiss - Oimachi (Intergalactic Gary Remix)
Higamos Hogamos pres Spacerocks - A Study in Scarlet
Bronze Savage - Reality
Rick Wade - Dirty Wave
Lauhaus, Mario Franca - Couci Nari
Tim Green - Vacation to Life
Scuba - Suction Reduction
Eluize - Drama
Kid Simius - El Rio
Franck Roger - When Animals Manifest
Cowboy Rhythmbox - 6AM Cowboy (Sharif Laffrey Deviation)
Adam Pits - International Wafter
Elliot Adamson - I'm Trying
Kreature - Stepper
Desert Sound Colony - Control Yourself
Finn - Trick Trick
Matt Karmil - Breezy
KETTAMA - London Break
CLUBKELLY - Don't Call Me
Earth Trax - I'm Not Afraid (1-800 Girls Remix)
No_4mat - Got Me
The Flashbulb - Nextless
Fjaak - Underdawg
Adam Pits - Motion Sensor
Lock Eyes - Inner Conspiracy
Tensal, Komatssu - Has No Sense
Nina Las Vegas - Impossible (feat. Thai Chi Rosé)
Addison Groove - Bass Trips
Project Paradis - Cut 11
Will Hofbauer - LA Test
Volruptus - Tapetum Lucidum
Daedelus - Sunflower Stems
Evita Manji - Quantum Stealth
Floating Points - Bias (Mayfield Depot Mix)
laura les - how to dress as human