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Pink Noise

pink noise

Pink Noise
15 min2019 FEB 5
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GULL is the music performance project of Nathaniel Rappole. In this episode we'll hear about a documentary film he produced called Street Muse Kenya, and his plans for the second installment of the project in Southeast Asia.

Rappole is now planning his next iteration of Street Muse, to take place in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I talked with him and his cinematographer, Marcelo Quarantotto, about the origins of the project.

You can support the next iteration of Street Muse in Southeast Asia by visiting http://www.GullFace.com. Their crowdsourcing campaign ends February 19.

This episode featured clips from Street Muse Kenya, which is available to watch in full at GullFace.com

We also heard selections from GULL's album Extractions.

Pink Noise is produced and edited by Jeff Gregerson.

You can find more episodes of Pink Noise at http://www.pinknoisepod.com