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R+D Sessions Podcast

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R+D Sessions Podcast
--2013 JUN 6
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http://k002.kiwi6.com/hotlink/yyrw1qt68t/hyper_disco_unicorn_blast.mp3 R+D--1. Owls Dont Cry (Vidis Edit) - Downtown Party Network 2. Q&A (Few Nolder Edit) - Fink 3. The Hidden Dub - Marc Poppcke and Luis Hill 4. Lost In The Zoo (The Martinez Brothers Bronx Zoo Mix) - Burnski 5. Acid Dreams (DGP Original Vocoded) - Detroit Grand Pubahs6. A Day In The Life (Jonno Brien Remix) - Todd Terry, Black Riot 7. 96 Affair (Friend Within Remix) - Harry Wolfman, Jouhl 8. Rise (Original Mix) - Bicep 9. Marilyn Whirlwind (Original Mix) - DJ Koze 10. Transition (Original Mix) - ACME 11. Dana (Guy Gerber Mix) - Chaim Guest Mix by Pinky Pereira-- DJ and Producer Pinky Pereira was introduced into the scene at the age of 15. His deep love for house music has developed him into an amazing and accomplished Dj, producing popular tracks From Pereira and Roberge. With a unique and versatile style, he has made his name and music memorable in different parts of the world like: Costa Rica, Cuba, Portugal, China and major Canadian cities: Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montréal and Toronto. Dj Pinky Pereira has the power to make people move their feet and feel the beat all night long. Mastering a variety of genres like Techno, Tech house, Tribal and many more. His taste in music and ability to hype the crowd with his skills and personality has made him popular in a variety of club scenes including the gay, straight and underground. Dj Pinky Pereira has been influence by many international Dj’s like Joseph Capriati, Dubfire, Carlo Lio and the Junkies: just to name a few. He has been booked by well known clubs like Circus, Lily lounge, 1234, Beach Club, Fly and the Guvernment. His love and passion for music can be seen by his ability to control the crowd. Keep your eyes and ears open cause this Dj is one ambitious man whose eyes are set on the top.