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raponomics podcast

Wendy Day

raponomics podcast
61 min2016 DEC 6
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In the music business, the first money to come for rappers and singers is show money.  Performance income increases with an artist's buzz.  In this third episode of raponomics podcast, Wendy Day interviews Tony Guidry from Authentic Booking to find out how he's made money for Trouble in his rap career (Mr Guidry manages Trouble from DuctTape--Atlanta rapper) through performances.

This discussion consists of two main threads: 1) how artists get paid for performing once they have developed a fan base, and 2) how newer artists can begin to get show money early in their careers.  Wendy and Tony have a comfort and natural rapport since they are husband and wife that comes through the speakers.  This discussion is similar to sitting in their house with them as they discuss the music business.