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solipsistic NATION: Live Electronica

solipsistic NATION

solipsistic NATION: Live Electronica
55 MIN2013 MAR 3
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What makes today's such a special show—aside from the music, which is great, by the way—is that today's show comes to you from Ty, who is both a listener and a friend of solipsistic NATION.Ty emailed me a few months ago and suggested that I might consider doing shows featuring Calima Shatiday and Elastic Bond. After checking out their music on iTunes I knew Ty was absolutely right, I had to have them on the show. Calima will appear on solipsistic NATION in the next few months, but today we're going to hear Elastic Bond's live DJ Mix!Andres and Sofy join me from their studio in Miami. We're actually did today's interview by video, which seems to be happening more and more on solipsistic NATION. Too bad you can't see it, Miami looks lovely. Elastic Bond's live DJ mix is fantastic and is chock full of their music and various remixes. Elastic Bond is a band and and electronic music is just one element they weave into their music. They're currently hard at work on their forthcoming album and you can bet I'm going to have them back on the show when their new LP drops.The other thing that makes today's show so special is Ty himself.solipsistic NATION has always been a communal effort. I may be at the helm of the show but a lot of people behind the scenes make the show happen. There's the bands and musicians, the music labels and promoters, the people who provide the artwork for the website and the album artwork you're looking at right now, as a matter of fact. And then there's you. None of this would be possible without you, all of you.I've wanted more listener involvement in the show for a long time and I've decided that 2013 is the year to push and really make that happen. It helps that solipsistic NATION has more listeners then ever before, so if you have an idea like Ty for future shows on solipsistic NATION, email me and let's see if we can make it happen. I'm at solipsisticnation@gmail.com. Or you can reach me on Twitter at solipsistic.There are a lot of exciting changes in store for solipsistic NATION this year and I'd really like you to be a part of it.Join us again next week when we'll showcase Naboa Music. We'll listen to select tracks from Naboa Music and talk with the label's founder, Laskfar Vortok.01. Elastic Bond "You ...Ay! (feat. Locos por Juana)"02. Elastic Bond "Pierdo el Control"03. Interview with Andres Ponce and Sofy Encanto of Elastic Bond04. Elastic Bond "Live DJ Mix"