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solipsistic NATION: Live Electronica

solipsistic NATION

solipsistic NATION: Live Electronica
91 MIN2012 DEC 10
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Today on solipsistic NATION we're going to listen to live in-studio performance recorded by Michael Maricle!Michael has been recording and performing his music for a while now but I only just discovered him when a promotional copy of his recently released The Heart Found You album was sent my way for review. Michael's music was instantly familiar and seems to come from the same tradition that The Orb and Tripswitch others do. I don't quite know what that tradition is but I know it has it's roots in Pink Floyd and beyond.Michael's music may be rooted in that tradition but it's also distinctly his own. In fact, during today's chat I asked Michael how his music lends itself to dub and new age music. I mentioned it because if you drew a Venn diagram Michael's music would touch upon those genres and more. While those elements are there or suggest those styles they're entirely Michael's and therefore unique.If you like Michael's live set, and I know you will, then I know you'll also will want to know about Headphone Commute's compilation album, ...And Darkness Came, which drops tomorrow. It's 10 bucks for over 75 tracks!...And Darkness Came features the world’s top talent in ambient, modern classical and experimental music. Like I said, there are over 75 tracks on this album and features everyone from Ben Lukas Boysen to Ezekiel Honig. You'll really get your money's worth buying this album but the best part is not only do you get to listen to beautiful music, you also help support Doctors Without Borders and The Humane Society to help all those affected by Hurricane Sandy.HC wants to do good in the world while turning people on to good music.On next week's show I'll be playing select tracks from HC's compilation album, so stay tuned for that.See you then!01. Michael Maricle "Earthbound Misfit"02. Michael Maricle "Around the Corner"03. Interview with Michael Maricle04. Michael Maricle "Live, 2012"